Beach Season is Coming

WavesFenwickSP 8.4.2016_0005-

This is a photograph from last summer on a very active surf day on the Delaware coast.  I’m looking forward to getting back into the water to shoot waves and coastal scenes.  The ocean is till too cold for me right now but soon…

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Atomic Bomb Jellyfish


Jellyfish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  BTW, it is not really an Atomic Bomb Jelly, it just struck me as being very similar in visual form.

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Natural Form

wavesfenwick-8-14-2016_0478Tranquility in natural, frozen-in-motion wave form.

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WavesFenwick 8.14.2016_0564

Small incoming waves that encounter backwash waves heading out to sea from the beach results in an explosion of water as the two meet.  A morning visit to the beach today, before scorching heat and biting flies forced me to leave early, offered an opportunity to shoot a nice back-lit exploding wave.

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Scary Wave

WavesFenwick 8.5.2016_0075.2

This wave is scary to me, but not due to its size.  It was actually only about 2-3 feet in height but it was one of the first waves I shot with new underwater housing that protects my expensive DSLR camera and lens.  First day with a new toy, and trusting it to work as expected, can be a bit nerve racking when the environment is salt water waves.  But my Aqua Tech housing worked like a champ and my love of photography has gotten a terrific boost up.  In this photograph I am looking straight up the face of the wave as it just begins to break.  The perfect sky was a bonus.  I am very much looking forward to more photography in the water and further exploration of coastal Delmarva.  Thanks Aqua Tech for opening up a whole new world for me to explore with my camera.

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Hit The Waves

WavesFenwick 7.3.2015_5780Happy Independence Day, a day which for many of us is perfect when we can spend it at the beach.  Judging by the traffic this weekend in the Delaware coastal towns thousands upon thousands of people had the same idea.  Weather didn’t cooperate however and we have had far more clouds than sun.  This photograph from last year around this time reminds me of the sunny, hot summer weather coming soon to our beaches when we need hit the waves to cool off.

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Making Dew When It rains

HostaWaterDrops 5.22.2016_2738

When it rains something like 25 out of the past 30 days one has to work with the conditions that are presented.  This hosta plant offered a rich assemblage of lines, textures and shadows.  Well, at least the rain is good for plants and we photographers have to make dew (ouch)!

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Egrets Etc. Prime Hook 8.4.2012_8814.1


Most people living in an area with a cold winter depend on spring to return and with it so many enjoyable things that spring and warm weather bring.  The return of multitudes of shore and wading birds that populate our shallow coastal areas is something I look forward to each year.  I love to watch them and photography gives me a little bit more of a push to get out in nature. It also teaches me patience in waiting for ‘good action’.  One could say I depend on this to make my life a little more complete.  The birds of course depend upon a healthy environment and a plentiful supply of food to make their summer nesting season successful.  So many dependencies and so many great things to photograph on the Delaware coast.

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Sunset 9.24.2015_9550


The springing of Spring foreshadows the warm sunsets of summer and the return of well witnessed and ‘captured’ sunsets on Rehoboth Bay.  This view in Dewey will be seen again soon.

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Winter Sculpting

Dunes Strata Cape H 3.9.2014_4498.BW


The winds of winter work on dunes as a sculpture might work on clay.  This dune at Cape Henlopen has been worked over during the winter leaving interesting strata exposed.

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