Winter Beach

The solitude of the winter beach is good for the soul.  

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Winter Is Here

It may not feel much like winter today on the Delaware coast but cold air is coming.  Clouds preceding that cold air slid in over the peninsula overnight but a sliver of clear sky on the eastern horizon allowed the rising sun to shine brightly on the bottoms of those clouds.  A boat heading east in the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal added an interesting foreground element.   

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Frosted Rhode

Snow covered rhododendron creates an interesting an interesting pattern.

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White Throated Blur

The quickness that a bird uses to take flight when startled is evident by this White Throated Sparrow as it launches to safety from an imagined menace.  

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White Throated Sparrow

This little guy was happy for some birdseed on the ground under the feeder following our early season snowfall this weekend.  

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August Sunset

This sunset at Cape Henlopen was taken a couple of weeks ago but it took a rainy Saturday for me to get it posted.

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See-Through Moth

MothMacro 5.23.2017_1145

I found this little guy spending his cloudy day resting on a windowpane in my garage.  Love his delicate pattern.

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Beach Season is Coming

WavesFenwickSP 8.4.2016_0005-

This is a photograph from last summer on a very active surf day on the Delaware coast.  I’m looking forward to getting back into the water to shoot waves and coastal scenes.  The ocean is till too cold for me right now but soon…

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Atomic Bomb Jellyfish


Jellyfish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  BTW, it is not really an Atomic Bomb Jelly, it just struck me as being very similar in visual form.

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Natural Form

wavesfenwick-8-14-2016_0478Tranquility in natural, frozen-in-motion wave form.

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