Dewey First light

I caught the first rays of sunlight today on Dewey Beach.  A beautiful January morning on the beach with a tolerable temperature of 32, which is a bit warmer at sunrise  than it has been recently.  

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Feeding stations in winter, especially in deep snow and extreme cold, bring out a large variety of birds.  This delights many photographers who find close targets to shoot.  Many LLBs (little brown birds) show up and, despite my best attempts using bird identification guides, I sometimes can’t come up with an identification that I’m completely confident in.  So I enjoy the image of this unidentified bird for the beauty of the scene.   

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Icing Up

Days of well below freezing temperatures result in salt water creeks freezing up.  This is a sight rarely seen anymore.  

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We are experiencing solid cold weather here on the Delaware coast right now, and while I shiver from being outside for a few minutes the wildlife that spends their winter here tough it out no matter what the temperature.  Some species thrive on the cold but I have to think that this Great Blue Heron, photographed a couple of years ago just off of New Road in Lewes, would much prefer temps in the 40s or 50s rather than in the teens.  But then again it has the option of taking to wing and going farther south if it prefers.

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Fresh Fish Today

A trip to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia yesterday gave opportunity for many interesting and colorful subjects like these fish seemingly swimming upstream in an ice filled display case.  

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Winter Beach

The solitude of the winter beach is good for the soul.  

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Winter Is Here

It may not feel much like winter today on the Delaware coast but cold air is coming.  Clouds preceding that cold air slid in over the peninsula overnight but a sliver of clear sky on the eastern horizon allowed the rising sun to shine brightly on the bottoms of those clouds.  A boat heading east in the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal added an interesting foreground element.   

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Frosted Rhode

Snow covered rhododendron creates an interesting an interesting pattern.

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White Throated Blur

The quickness that a bird uses to take flight when startled is evident by this White Throated Sparrow as it launches to safety from an imagined menace.  

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White Throated Sparrow

This little guy was happy for some birdseed on the ground under the feeder following our early season snowfall this weekend.  

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