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White Throated Sparrow

This little guy was happy for some birdseed on the ground under the feeder following our early season snowfall this weekend.  

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Egrets Etc. Prime Hook 8.4.2012_8814.1


Most people living in an area with a cold winter depend on spring to return and with it so many enjoyable things that spring and warm weather bring.  The return of multitudes of shore and wading birds that populate our shallow coastal areas is something I look forward to each year.  I love to watch them and photography gives me a little bit more of a push to get out in nature. It also teaches me patience in waiting for ‘good action’.  One could say I depend on this to make my life a little more complete.  The birds of course depend upon a healthy environment and a plentiful supply of food to make their summer nesting season successful.  So many dependencies and so many great things to photograph on the Delaware coast.

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Sunrise, Slaughter Beach

The air was thick with humidity this morning along the Delaware Bay.  The sun poked through low hanging clouds at sunrise and framed the morning flight of gulls and shorebirds at Slaughter Beach.

SunriseSlaughter.WracklineBigstone 5.30.2015_4295

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Snowy Exit

This Snowy Egret takes flight recently at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Skimmers.GBH.Egrets 5.20.2015_3986

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Egret Two Step

These two Great Egrets are seemingly instep as they hunt for breakfast. The tide had dropped and the strong breeze had exposed a tidal flat, stranding minnows on the dry surface which made for easy shopping for the egrets.


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Skimmer Launch

I found dozens of Black Skimmers roosting on a sand bar this morning, and waited long enough for them to take flight which they did in unison as a group.

Skimmers.GBH.Egrets 5.20.2015_3914

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Sunrise Stilt

This solitary Black-necked Stilt was an early bird hunting in the reflection of sunrise at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Stilt DoverGreen Bombay 4.16.2015_3301

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These Avocets were among the many birds not enjoying the snowy blustery day in the marsh at Prime Hook Refuges last Saturday.

PrimehookBirdsTreesBarns 3.28.2015_2806

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Great Blue Shivers

Last Saturday, in the snow and gusty wind, wading birds like this Great Blue Heron had to wonder when the warm spring days would arrive.  I was grateful for its long post in the wind blocking reeds.  (Prime Hook Refuge, 3/28/2015)

PrimehookBirdsTreesBarns 3.28.2015_2843

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The Huddled Masses

While certainly not Liberty Island, this patch of reeds provided refuge and shelter yesterday in the snow for these fittingly named Snowy Egrets.  Huddled close together and using the reeds as a wind block, they waited out a cold blustery day in the marsh preening, undoubtedly dreaming of warm days fishing in these waters in the near future.

PrimehookBirdsTreesBarns 3.28.2015_2870

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