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Frosted Rhode

Snow covered rhododendron creates an interesting an interesting pattern.

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Making Dew When It rains

HostaWaterDrops 5.22.2016_2738

When it rains something like 25 out of the past 30 days one has to work with the conditions that are presented.  This hosta plant offered a rich assemblage of lines, textures and shadows.  Well, at least the rain is good for plants and we photographers have to make dew (ouch)!

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Winter Sculpting

Dunes Strata Cape H 3.9.2014_4498.BW


The winds of winter work on dunes as a sculpture might work on clay.  This dune at Cape Henlopen has been worked over during the winter leaving interesting strata exposed.

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DC Lines

DC 2.26.2016_2240

Some business travel has kept me busy for a few weeks and so I have not posted for a while.  I was in DC recently and found this interesting perspective of the Washington Monument and the Capitol. Washington is so full of interesting architecture that creates fantastic lines and shadows.

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Fall Has Fallen

With the winds and roar of an autumn cold front Friday night, fall weather has descended upon the Delaware coast.  Saturday morning clouds served as a dramatic backdrop to phragmites seed heads.

Reeds and Clouds 10.10.2015_0567.b&w

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Chincoteague Work Boat

This boat has seen a lot of hard working days on the water.  Photographed in Chincoteague Virginia.

Chincoteague 8.8.2015_8450.1

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A Change In The Weather

A cold front moves through southern Delaware recently.RehoBay.RoosInlt.LwsHrbr 7.15.2015_5954

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Delaware Bay Beach

A fantastic sky provides a great opportunity for memorable landscapes.  This is a panoramic beach scene from Delaware Bay.


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A May Day At The Beach

Beautiful May clouds and a clear, dark blue sky perfectly complement the beach for this landscape.

BeachClouds 5.31.2015_4846



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Driftwood In The Surf

I love the many lines running through this scene created by a wave washing through a driftwood tree.  This was taken in Delaware Seashore State Park.

Barn.Driftwood April 2014_3171.1

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