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A May Day At The Beach

Beautiful May clouds and a clear, dark blue sky perfectly complement the beach for this landscape.

BeachClouds 5.31.2015_4846



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Driftwood In The Surf

I love the many lines running through this scene created by a wave washing through a driftwood tree.  This was taken in Delaware Seashore State Park.

Barn.Driftwood April 2014_3171.1

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H and Connecticut, DC

Beautiful cityscape found in DC recently.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1529

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H Street Canyon

Late afternoon sun lights up one wall of the urban canyon at H and 17th in Washington, a timeless image in my mind.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1416

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Clearing After The Storm

I have shot this scene a few times after snow storms but this past week I was there just as the sky was breaking up following the storm.  It looks really good in color but the black and white version is even better in my mind.  Sometimes you get lucky and a gull flies through the scene just at the right moment.

Snowy Reho 2.17.2015_0596_pamb&w

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Dewey Rink

Rehoboth Bay is frozen over and from Dewey one cannot see open water anywhere.  The freeze arrived with lines of salt water slush pushed by westerly winds that froze into icy ridges sweeping in toward shore.   I may be one of the few really enjoying this cold weather because it has dramatically changed the coast of Delaware with so much ice creating very nice subjects to photograph.  I’m lovin’ it!

Icy.IR Inlet.Dewey.Cape 2.15.2015_0423

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Tower Shower

The light tower on the south jetty of Indian River Inlet gets a nice sea water spray rinse last Sunday in frigid air. The spray coating turned to ice almost immediately as it did all down the left side of me when I got sprayed.

Icy.IR Inlet.Dewey.Cape 2.15.2015_0031

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Tractor Museum, Pink Hill, NC

Traveling through Pink Hill, NC over the weekend I saw this exhibit of old tractors that is apparently part of the Wilbur A. Tyndall Tractor Museum in that fine town.  I couldn’t resist making a nostalgic photograph of it.

Avery and Owen Feb.2015_1879

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Winter, Cape Henlopen

Ice flows on the beach at Cape Henlopen.  One ice piece in the center of the foreground looks a little like a fish lying on the shore.  Compare this photograph to the color version posted on January 19.  I think I may like the black and white version better.  Tell me which one you like.


Ice.Sunset Cape H 1.11.2015_0842bw

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Puget Sound Waves

I was looking at some old color slides and ran across some photographs I took in Seattle in June of 1987.  I plan on sharing a few starting with this one taken from the Space Needle of Puget Sound.  I was shooting directly into the glare of the setting sun which silhouetted the ships and boats.  The wakes made an interesting pattern on the water surface which is what caught my eye.  Interesting to note that this is a scan of a Kodachrome slide that was not converted to black & white, this is exactly the color in the slide.  It is monochromatic because of the severe sun glare alone.  The only processing I did to the image after scanning was sharpening and dust removal. img024.2

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