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Cold Dam Morning

I spent a cold morning at the Conowingo Dam watching Bald Eagles roost in trees and fish pretty far from where the photographers lines the shore. A mature and immature came close enough for quick shot. I need to go back there for another try on these guys.

Eagles 12.6.09_120609_7969

Eagles 12.6.09_120609_7864

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Taking Flight

A nice two photograph sequence of an immature Herring Gull removing itself from a piling in the late afternoon sun.

Ruddy Turnstones, Gulls 3-2-2008_9324

Ruddy Turnstones, Gulls 3-2-2008_9334

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Hooded Merganser

This adult Hooded Merganser was photographed a while ago, but I thought he was worth showing off again.

Merganser Sunset 12-14-2007_3445

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Remembering a Hot Sunrise

Reminiscing about a hot summer day.

Rookery Sunrise 7-18-2008_071808_6711

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Birds of a Feather

These three Snowy Egrets put their best feathers forward in a scene I photographed on the last day of spring this year.

Snowy Egrets 6-20-2009_062009_2503

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Reflecting on Stilts

Black-necked Stilts are one of my favorite shorebirds. They have left the coast of Delaware for warmer weather to the south. This is from a while back.

Skimmer Stilts Clapper Rail 6-28-2008_062508_4278

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Wild Turkey Portrait

Benjamin Franklin promoted the Wild Turkey as our national bird. The Bald Eagle won out of course, but what if… The photograph I posted last night makes it easier to understand what a majestic bird the Wild Turkey is. This face portrait leaves us with a slightly different opinion, I think.

Turkeys 11.20.2009_112009_7366

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Big Day Coming

I found this Wild Turkey out strolling around this afternoon. It’s only six days until Thanksgiving, do you think he has anything to worry about?

Turkeys 11.20.2009_112009_7541

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Feel Like You’re Being Watched

Most of the 3,000 facets of the compund eyes of this dragonfly are looking right at you. I wonder what we look like to them.

Frog Dragonfly 6-21-2008_062108_4070

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Hunting Forster’s

This Forster’s Tern was locked in on its prey. I’m glad they are not bigger than me.

Terns Egrets 10-2-2008_100208_0015

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