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Winter Sculpting

Dunes Strata Cape H 3.9.2014_4498.BW


The winds of winter work on dunes as a sculpture might work on clay.  This dune at Cape Henlopen has been worked over during the winter leaving interesting strata exposed.

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Winter Beach


As a kid, not living near the coast, I wondered what the beach looked like in winter.  Did it get snow? Does the sand freeze? Does the ocean freeze?  The answer is yes to all three questions.  This year the beach has not experienced much of these conditions but last year was another story.  This photograph was taken at sunrise in February 2015 at Cape Henlopen State Park.  Perhaps we will see the beach covered with snow this year before spring arrives.

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Wagamons Pond

Sunset a few nights ago on Wagamons Pond, Milton DE.


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Winter Beach

It was reported that a few flakes of snow fell today on the Delaware coast.  After a very warm December, January is starting off with weather that is more seasonal.  I reached back to a photograph from January, 2013 to remind us what winter at the beach can look like.

Snow.Dunes etc. 1.26.2013_3846

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Last Rays Of Light

The last rays of the setting sun lights up the sky west of the Delaware Breakwater East End Light.

Cape Sunset 11.22.2015_1179

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Cape Rainbow

Thick clouds  with rain covered the sky today but along the western horizon there was a break.  I knew from experience that that there was  great likelihood that the sun would poke out right at sunset and light up the clouds, and if we were lucky the rain would continue and a rainbow would form over the ocean.  Lucky on bot counts.  Here is the rainbow.  I’ll post the sunset another day.

CapeRainbow 11.22.2015_Panorama

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Commuting Opportunity

Driving down the highway at a little over 60 mph and seeing a mirror-like finish on a pond rimmed with trees holding onto fall colors will necessitate a U-turn more often than not.  Such was the case this morning as I whizzed past Waples Mill Pond.  Early morning light lit up the scene and I had to photograph the beautiful symmetry divided by the pond shore.    This spot is a favorite of mine as I commute to Dover.

SunriseWaples 11.4.2015_0820

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Sun Peeking

Most of Delmarva was cloud covered all day today but when I left Dover after work there was clear sky to the west of me.  The small open crack in the sky between clouds and the horizon persisted as I drove southeast toward the coast and home.  I crossed my fingers that I cold get to the site I previsioned for sunset which would be about five minutes after I arrived in Lewes.  I thought the setting sun could light up the clouds from below them as the sun peeked out low past the horizon.  I set up on Canary Creek just as the light show started.  What a great way to end a dreary, cloudy Monday.

CanaryCreekSunset 11.2.2015

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South Westerly Sunset

This time of year being on one side or the other of a high pressure system means a pretty significant change in the air temperature.  Cold air overtook the Delaware coast over the past few days as a high to our west blew in cold air from the north.  As the high moved over us to the east, southwesterly winds swept over and brought warmer, moister air to the coast.  This usually results in more colorful sunsets.  I went to Cape Henlopen at sunset tonight and found a beautiful scene which was best photographed as a panorama.

Cape Sunset Pano 10.20.2015

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Fall Has Fallen

With the winds and roar of an autumn cold front Friday night, fall weather has descended upon the Delaware coast.  Saturday morning clouds served as a dramatic backdrop to phragmites seed heads.

Reeds and Clouds 10.10.2015_0567.b&w

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