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Dwarf Palmetto

We were in Buxton on the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving and I’m just getting around to working with some images from that trip.  Along one of the nature trails in the National Seashore there were many dwarf palmettos.  From what I could, find this plant is at the northern most limit of its range on the Outer Banks. Its beautiful, radial symmetry is a fantastic photography subject and caught my eye on our hike.

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Reflecting In Cambridge

Photographing through the window of a store front window in Cambridge MD recently an interesting reflection became part of the composition.  This was the scene as I saw it through the window glass.  A slightly surreal look at past, present and future at least as my mind’s eye sees it, as the empty store is planned for a new opportunity. Downtown Cambridge is sprouting new restaurants and stores all the time.  It’s a great place to visit.   

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Fresh Fish Today

A trip to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia yesterday gave opportunity for many interesting and colorful subjects like these fish seemingly swimming upstream in an ice filled display case.  

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DC Lines

DC 2.26.2016_2240

Some business travel has kept me busy for a few weeks and so I have not posted for a while.  I was in DC recently and found this interesting perspective of the Washington Monument and the Capitol. Washington is so full of interesting architecture that creates fantastic lines and shadows.

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Fields Of Old

Fields of old and fields of gold in this case.  Goldenrod is taking over an old farm field in rural North Carolina.

Old Bldgs NC August 2015_8769

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Chincoteague Pony Penning

The ponies swam from Assateague to Chincoteague today for the annual auction.  The swim was a very far distance from where I could watch but I had a front row seat as the ponies came into their pen.  Here are a few photographs of the event.  It was interesting to watch the social interaction as the herd settled into their new, confined area.  Foals found their mamas and one stallion with a blond mane charged around the pen, apparently rounding up his mares.  Even at the hay bales he whinnied and studied the group for possible rivals.  The green tag on the blue-eyed foal marks him as a ‘buy back’, a pony that will be bid on but returned to Assateague to live wild with the herd.

Pony Penning2 7.29.2015_7531_DSC8218_7298_DSC8264_7346_DSC8311_7390_DSC8313_7394


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H and Connecticut, DC

Beautiful cityscape found in DC recently.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1529

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Old Look, DC

Washington DC is interesting in so many ways. One is the mix of old historic buildings in the middle of a very modern city as seen here in the block of Jackson Place adjacent to Lafayette Square.  It looked so much to be a return to a forgotten time in a recent snow storm.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1261

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Treasury Building

The statue of Albert Gallatin, the longest serving U.S. Secretary of Treasury, stands vigilant in the snow last week in front of The Treasury Department building in D.C.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1330

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H Street Canyon

Late afternoon sun lights up one wall of the urban canyon at H and 17th in Washington, a timeless image in my mind.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1416

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