Delaware Wildflowers

These wildflowers are all native to Delaware.  They add to the beauty of the landscape and provide food and habitat for a variety of species.  The two last photos of the Swamp Rose show a bumble bee and an Augochlora Green Metallic Bee gathering pollen.  Have you ever seen an Augochlora Green Metallic Bee before?

wildflowers-7-13-2008_071308_5898.jpgButterfly Weed

wildflowers-7-13-2008_071308_5864.jpgMonkey Flower

wildflowers-7-13-2008_071308_5876.jpgButton Bush

wildflowers-7-13-2008_071308_5857.jpgButton Bush

wildflowers-7-13-2008_071308_5948.jpgSwamp Rose

wildflowers-7-13-2008_071308_6074.jpgSwamp Rose

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  1. Barbara B. June 22, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    Looks like a Metallic Green Bee, but if it has a yellow striped bottom…it is a Green Bee…Long antaenees? Male.

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