Stella enjoys her early morning swims on hot summer days. Today it was an early dip in Rehoboth Bay, temperature at 8:00 a.m. was near 80. She loved it.

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Lewes Fleet

Sunrise over part of the Lewes fishing fleet this morning.

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An assassin bug lies in wait in the depths of a lily. Orange on orange.

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Polled Herefords Chillin

Eddie, at the rail.
Eddie, king of the field
One of the ladies of the field

I visited the polled Herefords on Gills Neck Rd. this morning shortly after sunrise and they were lying down along the roadside concrete fence. They too seemed to be enjoying the cool dry air that blew in over the area last night. The word polled means that these cattle naturally do not have horns. That makes ol’ Eddie a lot less intimating which, in turn, gave me the bravery (stupidity maybe) to stick my head and camera through the fence rails to take his portrait. One of his ladies looked on approvingly.

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Back to the Beach

It was a welcome relief enjoying a picnic dinner on Rehoboth Bay last evening. The laughing gulls were happy to have some company it seemed.

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Otter Point State Park, OR

If you want secluded beaches and vast open areas to wander on the coast Oregon has it. This photograph was taken last summer on a beautiful July morning. Like nearly all beaches we visited there was no one else there.

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Philadelphia Freedom (and lines)

A day trip to Philadelphia had me seeing symmetry and patterns almost everywhere, from the Reading Terminal Market to Macy’s in the John Wanamaker Building to City Hall.

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CA Coastal

I shot this last summer on the California coast just north of Mendocino.

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Hunting Frost

The day after Christmas started in dense fog here at the coast with the thermometer reading 31 degrees. I went out to a marsh area just after first light to hunt for frost. Surprisingly there wasn’t much to be found. Here are the best of the morning.

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Jim Thorpe Christmas

Weekend getaway to Jim Thorpe PA to enjoy a storybook like Christmas village. No snow here but light rain lit up holiday lights reflected on the streets and storefronts are beautifully decorated for the season. It’s beautiful here.

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