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Bird Food

This butterfly is battle scarred from birds or other predators taking bites out of its wings.  It was apparently unfazed by the loss of tissue as it went about its mission of sipping nectar for dinner.

Marsh Sunrise .Butterfly 9.16.2012_1126

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Painted Lady

There were many Painted Lady butterflies feeding in our garden today. The pink flower base was too nice to resist taking a portrait of this one.

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Red-banded Hairstreak

This beautiful little butterfly, which is found from Long Island to the Florida Keys, was feeding in our garden this afternoon, for which I am very grateful.

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Too many lines to count in this photograph.

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Silver-spotted Skipper

Skippers share characterisitics of both moths and beutterflies. Silver-spotted Skippers are found throughout most of North America. I hadn’t noticed the line of green iridescence along its side until I looked at the image on the computer.

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Monarch Migration

Monarch Butterflies are migrating along the Delaware coast now. This one found a nice Seaside Goldenrod to light on.

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Butterfly Proboscis

Butterflies sip nectar witha long proboscis that is coiled when not in use. Here is a flower’s eye view of a butterfly at work. They also have fuzzy faces.

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