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Island Deer

I was in Charleston, South Carolina the last few days. I visited friends who live on Wadmalaw Island, south of Charleston. We took a late afternoon boat ride out to the southern end of Seabrook Island near the mouth of Privateer Creek where we came upon this buck grazing on the dunes in the late afternoon sun. It was a perfect moment. Thanks Nicole and Tom for sharing paradise.



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White Tail Host

This White Tail Deer looks either curious or bewildered or both.  If you look closely you will see its ears covered with ticks.  This deer is hosting a large family gathering and is probably wishing for some help in getting rid of the parasites.


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Cedar Waxwing

This Cedar Waxwing found a Holly tree this morning full of berries for breakfast.  Waxwings and robbins were feasting with no fighting.  There were berries enough for all.  Earlier a deer peaked out of cover to see if I was a threat.



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Curious Deer


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Ready to Leave


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