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Happy Beach Day

We finally had a beautiful spring-like Saturday and I was drawn to the beach late in the day in search of wave photographs. There were a lot of people on the beach enjoying the warm afternoon as well as this dog who was following a football thrown between two friends. To me, he summed up the joy of the day better than anything else.

Waves Cape H 3.8.2014_4476

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Adding Up The Numbers

12 (years old) + 6 (inches of snow) + 16 (degrees out) + 1 (tennis ball thrown in the snow = FUN!!

Storm in Snow 1.29.2014_2472

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Pacific Beach Folks

Pacific Beach, a northern beach area of San Diego, is a great community. It is full of life, like most beach towns are, with some very interesting people. Here are some photographs from last week of people out enjoying the beach walkway. I really liked the three ‘guys’ enjoying a late afternoon beer.

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Black and White Storm

My dog’s name is Storm and he loves new fallen snow. We woke this morning to the tail end of an overnight snow and Storm was happy to cover his head with snow for a portrait.

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