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Snow Geese Rising to the Dawn


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Teen Tree Hugger

racoon 5-24-2008_052408_82671

This Racoon was photographed a few months ago. 


 racoon 5-24-2008_052408_82711

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Gray on Gray

This cold, gray seascape is all too often what the Delaware coast is like in the winter.


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Fishing With legs

I have watched a lot of shorebirds in marshes and ponds as they shop for their daily protein .  Egrets have a unique technique.  They shake a foot out in front of them.  I don’t know if this is supposed to look like bait or perhaps it startles fish back toward the bird and its ballistic beak.  It does make for an interesting pose in the water, one that could be mistaken for a dance step made to a rythm unheard by me.


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Twin Stilts

Two Black-necked Stilts in reflection.  This photo was taken in July.


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Sunset Storm of Snowgeese

We actually had a few snow flakes fall here in Sussex County, Delaware last night, but this evening I diverted off of the highway on my way home from work to find snows in the sunset.



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Great Horned Owl

I have been hearing Great Horned Owls such as this one calling in the woods recently.  I seldom see them, and in case you don’t get a glimpse of them either, here is what they look like up close and personal.


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Herring Point Sunrise

Herring Point is in Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware.


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Sunrise, Sunset

The top photograph was taken at sunrise this past Saturday and the two below it were at sunset the same day.  The sun does some of its best work very early and very late in its shift. 




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Fall Colors

A walk in a field yesterday morning led to a few icons of autumn. 





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