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Fungus Fruit

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi. After an exceptionally dry summer, we had a little rain about a week ago and this clump of mushrooms grew rapidly at the base of an oak tree, spanning onto a dead, rotting branch lying on the forest floor. While they help break down organic matter and produce rich soil, I just think they make an interesting and beautiful photographic subject.

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A Beach Day?

Early this morning the clouds from yesterday’s snow storm were pushing out to sea. As the sun broke through at dawn on the last day of Fall, this walkway to the beach was not quite as inviting as it is on a hot July morning.

Snowstorm Day After 12.20.2009_122009_8300

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Snow Covered Reeds

We are still in the midst of a pretty good snowstorm here in Delaware as I write this. I went out early this morning to see what was stirring early in the storm. Wildlife was hard to find so snow covered reeds were the subject of the morning.

Snowstorm 12.19.2009_121909_8200

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Countless Snow Geese?

How many Snow geese do you count in this photograph?

Pintails Snowgeese 12.19.2009_121709_8069

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Sunset Tonight

The forecast is for snow here in Delaware on Saturday. Tonight there were snows in the sky at sunset, Snowgeese pitching into their over-night field as the sun went down behind the trees.

Pintails Snowgeese 12.19.2009_121709_8096

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Dragonfly on Hosta

July 2007 014.1

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Fall Leaves

Sunset 9.12.2007 008

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Free the Gannet

I was able to help a friend release a juvenile Northern Gannet back into the wild today. It had been rescued in northern New Jersey and brought back to good health at Tri-State Bird Rescue in northern Delaware. The Gannet enjoyed regaining its freedom and flew out over Delaware Bay immediately upon release.

Gannet Release 12.12.2009_121209_8025

Gannet Release 12.12.2009_121209_8024

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Twin Silos

Sunrise yesterday in Lewes, DE.

Barn Sunrise 12.7.09_120709_7985

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Vixen or Reynard?

Female foxes are called vixens and males are called reynards. The term vixen has made its way into pop vernacular but I don’t thinkl I have ever heard of any guys being called a reynard. In any case, this vixen or reynard enkoyed the light afternoon sights at Bombay Hook NWR.

B C Night HeronFox and Pintails 2-17-2009_021709_3066

B C Night HeronFox and Pintails 2-17-2009_021709_3068

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