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Pin Head

AKA Tufted Titmouse, a bird many know as a frequent visitor to feeders.

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Mushrooms on Ice

These two late season musrooms got snow capped in the storm last Thursday.

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Snow Deer

This young deer seemed oblivious to the snow in the woods of Cape Henlopen State Park just before sunset.

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After the Storm

We got only about an inch of snow, but everything was covered because it was so cold and there was no wind. This morning snow fell from higher branches making it look like a snow storm with the sun out.

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Afternoon Snow

We had our first snow of the season today and I went out to see what I could find before sunset. Canada Geese, in a corn field, in the snow, priceless.

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Young Hawk

Another angle on the juvenile Red-tailed Hawk.

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Ants Exposed

I was splitting wood yesterday and from one log a colony of carpenter ants spilled out.

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Sunset Chorus

Clouds covered Delaware today and rain is forecast here tomorrow. I was lucky enough to get out at sunset last night and find these Snow Geese taking off from a corn field with a deafening chorus.

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Gaggle Times

Snow Geese aplenty yesterday at sunset.

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Solo Swan

Winter is settling into the Delmarva Peninsula, bringing in many birds who spend the cold months here. This Tundra Swan was casually turning over harvested corn cobs this afternoon just as the sun set.

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