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The Road Not Taken

Would you follow this road into the fog?

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In Search of Snow Showers

The weather forecast for this morning called for possible snow showers. Not wanting to miss out on the first flakes of the winter I went out for dawn patrol. The sky didn’t give up any white flakes but the clouds carrying the snow made a beautiful sunrise scene at the beach.

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Green Mountain Still Life

Pretty ground cover in the Green Mountain National Forest.

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Sugar Frosted Leaves

Looking like a sugary covering, frost coated a field on a recent cold morning.

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Freezin’ Up

Cold weather has settled in and early morning ice can be found in quiet streams and ponds.

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December Confectionary

Frost sugar coated fields at dawn this morning.

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Forest Fire

The woods were ablaze with sunrise a couple of mornings ago.

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Milkweed Detail

We still have milkweed in the yard so I shot this today as I did some yard work.

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Atlantic Sunrise

A recent early morning visit to the dunes.

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Waples Mill Pond

This was the view early one morning a couple of weeks ago.

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