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Christmas In Lewes

Less than a week until Christmas and Lewes is well lit for the holidays. The trees in 1812 Memorial Park are wrapped in lights inviting a walk along the canal.


Christmas Lights Lewes 12.20.2014_9735

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Thursday’s Snow

I photographed the St. Jones River banks in Dover covered with snow on Thursday in very low light with my new Nikon D750.  I set the ISO to 2,000 and shot away.  I’m pretty happy with the broader latitude of low light photography I can explore with this camera.


Snow Dover 12.11.2014_9688

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First Snow

First snow of the year was seen in Dover this afternoon as a precipitation band from the big storm centered over New England made its way into Kent County.  Legislative Hall is filtered by the snow behind the bell on the green.


Snow Dover 12.11.2014_9661

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Lewes Harbor

I just got a new Nikon D750 and had to test it out tonight.  I was hard pressed to find a pleasing subject after work but I found a scene that caught my eye at Lewes Harbor.  I think I’m going to like this camera.


Lewes harbor Sunset 12.10.2014_9624

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Blue Eyed Kit

Who doesn’t find a blue eyed baby fox adorable?  This scruffy youngster was a rescued kit whose mother had been hit by a car.  luckily it got a second chance at life.


Fox Kit, Baby Squirrel 4-11-2008_2544

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Raw Power

The power of a wave in the moment that it breaks fascinates me. I love the ability of a photograph to freeze the moment when the power explodes, the forms that water takes at that moment and the feeling that we as humans get by seeing this moment because we can relate to the release of power from the personal experience of being hit by a wave as it breaks.  This wave was created by Hurricane Gonzalo and released its energy at Cape Henlopen.


Hurr. Gonzalo Waves 10.18.2014_7916

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Summer Dreams

Nothing like gray skies and temps in the 40’s to make one long for summer days and cooling off in the ocean.  Here a wave appears to be threatening a fleeing girl on the beach.


Waves C Patch 5.26.2014_9089

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Sunrise Paint

A long storm wave is painted by sunrise light at Cape Henlopen, Delaware.


Surf Herring Point_Pam

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Colors Reflected

I noticed these interesting circles of foliage reflected  in a still early morning pond recently.


Hp Sunrise.FallColorsPonds.Tree.11.11.2014

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Gobble Gobble

Double gobblers wish everyone a great Thanksgiving.


Turkeys 11.20.2014

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