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I have posted a couple of photographs of ferns heads stilled rolled up tightly, but this one has just unfurled.  The brand new leaves still have a few specs of dirt on them that were carried along as the fern rose out of the earth.

Fernhead 4.5.2015_3058

Also posted in Macro, Spring 2015

Ferns Return

Ferns are popping up out of the leaves seeking sun and warmth, just like us!

FernHead 4.5.2015_3079

Also posted in Macro, Spring 2015

Warm Unwinding

Spring-like weather has sprung in Delaware and the re-awakening begins.  Ferns are rolling out their early season welcome on the edge of the woods.

Fernhead 4.5.2015_3094.1

Also posted in Macro, Spring 2015

Spring Rolls

Spring ferns are still unrolling.

Ferns 4.5.2010_040510_4872

Also posted in Spring 2010

Unrolling Spring

Ferns are unrolling from the forest floor as the spring sun gets higher in the sky and warmer.

Ferns 4.2.2010_040210_4410

Also posted in Spring 2010

The Unrolling of the Ferns

Appropriately, the unfurling of spring is, perhaps, best represented by the unrolling of ferns. I found these recently as they uncurled in a warm afternoon sun. It is certainly welcome to see the seasonal greening of the Mid-Atlantic region.




Also posted in Spring 2009