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Strawberry Bush

I have seen these bright red seed pods in the woods this fall and have found out it is a native eastern woodland plant called strawberry bush.  It is apparent how it got its name.  Apparently deer love it and it is hard to find where there are a lot of hungry deer roaming the woods.  It caught my eye and so I knew to take a macro lens with me in the woods.

CambridgeMD.KillensPond 10.25.2015_0651

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Fields Of Old

Fields of old and fields of gold in this case.  Goldenrod is taking over an old farm field in rural North Carolina.

Old Bldgs NC August 2015_8769

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Rainy Day Assignment

It is cloudy, rainy, and drizzling on the Delaware coast today but weather like that should not stop you from going out and shooting.  For those of you who have taken the seminar that I teach with Kevin Fleming think about the light and color that a drab day can yield.  I ventured out into my garden this morning in a drizzling soup of a sky and found light and moment just steps from my front door.  For class attendees; go out there, find good subjects and photograph them!

Garden Flowers 8.2.2014_4595Garden Flowers 8.2.2014_4589

Garden Flowers 8.2.2014_4607

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Bleeding Hearts

It wouldn’t be spring without at least one post of Bleeding hearts in bloom.  These flowers, in the poppy family, have the very formal sounding scientific name of Lamprocapnos spectabilis .  I get the last name, they are a spectacle aren’t they?


Bleeding Hearts 5.4.2014_6693

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Airlie Gardens

Another beautiful garden view of Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Easter Wilm NC 2014_6165

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Yellow Blanket

I was out on a bike ride yesterday afternoon and saw a blanket of yellow wildflowers on the edge of some woods. I went back to them late this afternoon with camera and lenses to photograph the beautiful yellow patch among the trees.

Yellow Wildflowers 4.10.013_5955

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Bee’s World

The apple of a bee’s eye!

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Reaching Out

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Rain, Sun, Columbine

A lingering low pressure system over the east coast has resulted in many consecutive days of clouds and showers. Every now and then the sun peeks out, as it did today minutes after a shower ended. This columbine seems to thrive under these conditions.

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Happy Vernal Equinox

Spring officially started at 7:21 here in Delaware (about 15 minutes ago). The optimism of spring showed itself to me in these beautiful nandina blossoms which I photographed this afternoon.

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