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Blue Eyed Kit

Who doesn’t find a blue eyed baby fox adorable?  This scruffy youngster was a rescued kit whose mother had been hit by a car.  luckily it got a second chance at life.


Fox Kit, Baby Squirrel 4-11-2008_2544

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Sunset On Fox

A Red Fox starts its evening hunt as the sun sets in Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Osprey w Fish. GBH Fox Bombay 3.29.2011_0331

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Red at Sunset

Another angle on the fox I photographed at Bombay Hook last week.

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Fox Hunt

I caught a fox on the hunt. It was likely searching for an inattentive or slow mouse.

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Vixen or Reynard?

Female foxes are called vixens and males are called reynards. The term vixen has made its way into pop vernacular but I don’t thinkl I have ever heard of any guys being called a reynard. In any case, this vixen or reynard enkoyed the light afternoon sights at Bombay Hook NWR.

B C Night HeronFox and Pintails 2-17-2009_021709_3066

B C Night HeronFox and Pintails 2-17-2009_021709_3068

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Fox Hunt

Foxes are in den now but come out for meal breaks. Such is the case with this one that I photographed late one afternoon last week.




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Fox on Ice

This fox came out just before sunset, scanned the countryside and then proceeded out onto a frozen pond in late afteroon sun in search of dinner.



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Fox Trot

It was such a beautiful afternoon and I coudn’t resist going to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge to see who else was out to enjoy the bright sun.  This fox spent quite a while patrolling the water’s edge and at one point trotting out on a limb. 


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Fox Redux

Here is another photo of the fox I saw last week.  I had several minutes with it and there were several good photos, so I thought I would post another from that night.  I have been traveling and we have had some bad weather here.  I hope to be out tomorrow and be able to post somehting new from that.


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Sunset Fox

This fox was pretty intent on finding an evening meal tonight.  He could not have cared less about me or the camera, thankfully.


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