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Gannets are found in large numbers at the mouth of Delaware Bay this time of year. I had a chance to photograph them late this afternoon. Here is one showing off its six foot wing span. I love their faces.

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I was looking through older files and saw this photograph of a Northern Gannet taken last spring. I haven’t posted many bird photos recently so I thought this might be nice to post today.

Also posted in Fall 2010

Northern Gannet

A Northern Gannet with the landing gear going down.

Gannets 1 4.11.2010_041110_5886

Also posted in Spring 2010

Late Day Gannets

The beauty of Northern Gannets flying in the late afternoon light is striking.

Gannets 4.11.2010_041110_5551

Gannets 4.11.2010_041110_5438

Gannets 4.11.2010_041110_5556

Also posted in Spring 2010

Northern Gannet Fishing

Another gannet from last night.

Gannets 1 4.11.2010_041110_5847

Also posted in Spring 2010

Northern Gannets

Northern Gannets have gathered in large numbers in and near the mouth of the Delaware Bay. This one twisted acrobatically as it changed direction for a dive into the water to catch a fish.

Gannets 1 4.11.2010_041110_5936

Also posted in Spring 2010

Free the Gannet

I was able to help a friend release a juvenile Northern Gannet back into the wild today. It had been rescued in northern New Jersey and brought back to good health at Tri-State Bird Rescue in northern Delaware. The Gannet enjoyed regaining its freedom and flew out over Delaware Bay immediately upon release.

Gannet Release 12.12.2009_121209_8025

Gannet Release 12.12.2009_121209_8024

Also posted in Fall 2009

Gliding Gannet

This series of three photographs shows a Northern Gannet gliding over the waves and dipping a wing into the ocean.




Also posted in Spring 2009

Northern Gannet

Northern Gannets, with their comical faces, group up by the thousands at this time of year on the ocean just offshore of the beach.  This one was on the lookout for a little fish food late this afternoon.


Also posted in Spring 2009