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We are experiencing solid cold weather here on the Delaware coast right now, and while I shiver from being outside for a few minutes the wildlife that spends their winter here tough it out no matter what the temperature.  Some species thrive on the cold but I have to think that this Great Blue Heron, photographed a couple of years ago just off of New Road in Lewes, would much prefer temps in the 40s or 50s rather than in the teens.  But then again it has the option of taking to wing and going farther south if it prefers.

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Great Blue Shivers

Last Saturday, in the snow and gusty wind, wading birds like this Great Blue Heron had to wonder when the warm spring days would arrive.  I was grateful for its long post in the wind blocking reeds.  (Prime Hook Refuge, 3/28/2015)

PrimehookBirdsTreesBarns 3.28.2015_2843

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Hunkered Down

While out shooting snow scenes yesterday I stumbled upon this Great Blue Heron that was not enjoying the day at all. What with snow accumulating on its shoulder and back and standing in knee deep icy water hoping that the thin brown reeds afforded adequate cover to allow for a quiet afternoon. Hunkered down and waiting it out, it had the human look of ‘come on, enough is enough’ or at least that’s the way I read its expression.

Snowstorm Lewes Afternoon 3.4.2014_4124

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Summer Dreams

Looking back over summer photographs in a longing kind of way, I found this Great Blue Heron enjoying the warm water of an August marsh pool. I’m looking forward to the explosion of plants and animals that spring will deliver and photographing it all with far fewer clothes on.

Egrets Etc. Prime Hook 8.4.2012_8779

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Substitute Teacher

The Green Heron parents were off finding the next meal for their young while one of the juniors appeared to lecture its very attentive sibs on life in the branches. Or so it seemed to me.

Green Herons 6.10.2013_7663.

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Friday Snowstorm

I left my house for work this morning with a few snow flakes falling and byt the time I got to Dover it was a full on, white-out snowstorm. It snowed hard for about three hours. I walked down along the shore of the St. Jones River in Dover and startled a Great Blue Heron from the river.

Snowstorm Dover 2.1.2013_4647

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Jumping Through The Hoop

Most of us feel like we do most days, but seldom is it really a life and death situation. For this poor minnow this was the last thing it saw before a swim down the Great Blue Heron’s throat.

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The marshes in Delaware have come alive with fishers. This GBH stares intently into the water searching for the next bite.

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GBH on Tippy Toes

I went out to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge after work tonight. I had a pretty good evening and have several photographs to post over the next few days. This Great Blue Heron was stretching out to take off from its perch high in a tree. Nice drumsticks!

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The Hunter Fisher

I was out of town all week but returned to some beautiful late afternoon sun lighting up a hunting Great Blue Heron.

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