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Slaughter Sunrise

Horseshoe crabs are on the shore of Delaware Bay now depositing their eggs along beaches.  These two late night cavorters were making their way back into the bay at sunrise this morning at Slaughter Beach.  Slipper shells are attached for the ride.


H Crabs Shorebirds Slaughte B 5.20

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The spring invasion of horseshoe crabs on the Delaware Bay has begun. The migrating shorebirds that depend on the crabs eggs to reinforce them for the second leg of their migration north will arrive soon too. Stay tuned here for more on this in the days and weeks to come.

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Horseshoe Crab Hieroglyphics

Webster’s defines hieroglyphics as a symbol hard to understand. This Horseshoe Crab walked straight to the middle of a sand bar exposed at low tide, then made a nearly perfect circle in the midst of wave formed ripples. I don’t know what message it may have intended to send, if any at all, but it certainly caught my eye.

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