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Swallowtail Caterpillar

If you’ve ever wondered what the caterpillar of the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly looks like here it is.  The beautiful mostly-black butterfly is common in my yard but I don’t recall ever seeing its caterpillar.  The caterpillar uses mimicry of eyes and a mouth to look wicked scary to possible predators.  The last two images show the real head of the caterpillar.  Pretty interesting find in my garden yesterday.


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A Sweat Bee

I shot this iridescent insect in my garden recently and really didn’t know what it is until I looked it up online.  My belief is that it’s an Augochlora Sweat Bee and I will gladly defer to any entomologists out there who can either confirm or correct my thought.  If it is indeed a Sweat Bee it gets it’s name, according to what I found, because it likes to lick sweat off of arms or legs.   The web passage goes on to assure me that they are fairly passive and “unlikely” to sting.  This was not tested as, thankfully, the bee made no attempt to ingest my sweat.  I love what can be learned online and that by photographing an insect I have seen often in the garden I learned more about it.

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Orange Meadowhawk

This dragonfly, an Orange Meadowhawk, is seen regularly in my yard.  I like seeing them for not only their beauty but for the fact that they feed on mosquitoes, flies, and ants among other insects.  I thanked this one for stopping long enough for a quick portrait then off it went to find more protein.

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Milkweed Bugs

There is quite a massing of Large Milkweed Bugs on, appropriately enough, milkweed in my yard now.  Their bright orange and black coloring is quite eye catching.

Milkweed Bug2 9.21.2014_6608

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Bird Food

This butterfly is battle scarred from birds or other predators taking bites out of its wings.  It was apparently unfazed by the loss of tissue as it went about its mission of sipping nectar for dinner.

Marsh Sunrise .Butterfly 9.16.2012_1126

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Loafing Before The Hop

Early morning in the cool air is a time fo insects to wait for some sunshine and warmth to get the day going. Such was the case with this grasshopper a few mornings ago.

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Red-banded Hairstreak

This beautiful little butterfly, which is found from Long Island to the Florida Keys, was feeding in our garden this afternoon, for which I am very grateful.

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A Moth’s Breakfast

Moths were up at first light this morning feasting on Mountain Mint blossoms.

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Reed Holder – Grasshopper

Holding fast to a reed in the marsh, this grasshopper thought he was blending right in.

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Dew covered spider webs resemble beautiful jewel necklaces but are a peril to flying insects.

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