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See-Through Moth

MothMacro 5.23.2017_1145

I found this little guy spending his cloudy day resting on a windowpane in my garage.  Love his delicate pattern.

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A Moth’s Breakfast

Moths were up at first light this morning feasting on Mountain Mint blossoms.

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I went looking through some old files tonight and found this photograph of a skipper sipping the nectar of a fall aster. Liking the warmth and bright colors, I thought it was worth posting.

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Silver-spotted Skipper

Skippers share characterisitics of both moths and beutterflies. Silver-spotted Skippers are found throughout most of North America. I hadn’t noticed the line of green iridescence along its side until I looked at the image on the computer.

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Salt Marsh Moth

I found this guy hiding low to the ground on a recent dewy morning. I believe it is a Salt Marsh Moth but if I misidentified this please tell me. It was rapidly beating its wings just before it took off for its initial morning flight.

Towers Sunrise. Goldenrod. Thistle. 8.27

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