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I wonder how Ospreys say ‘Really??’ which is probably what they were thinking this morning.  When I shot this this morning it was 33 degrees out, the wind was blowing at 15-20 and it was snowing.  This Osprey and its mate were standing close together on bare tree branches facing into the wind and I’m sure wondering why they left their warm winter roost for Delaware in March.

PrimehookBirdsTreesBarns 3.28.2015_2756

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Signs Of Spring

There are reports of Osprey in Sussex County but I haven’t seen or heard one yet in Lewes.  I shot this photograph on April 9 last year well after a pair had made, or spruced up, their nest for the season.   This Osprey was sitting in a tree just next to the nest which it mate was sitting in.  Keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned to the sky as they will be here soon, a true sign of spring’s arrival.

Osprey Prime Hook 4.9.2014_5090

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Fish Hawk

Another common name for Ospreys is Fish Hawks, a name richly deserved for their superb skills at diving onto swimming fish and plucking them out of the water to be eaten at leisure on a tree limb.  Look at those amazing fish catching talons.  I found this proud fisher on a detour from my normal commute from work this afternoon.  Lucky bird, unlucky fish, cycle of life: very lucky photographer.


Osprey W Fish 5.5.2014_7001

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Out On A Limb

I thought the Osprey would look good in black & white, especially standing out on the limb of a dead tree.

Osprey Prime Hook 4.9.2014_5092

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Osprey Season

Ospreys are very busy now preparing their nests for soon to be laid eggs.  They work on their nests then raise their wings and step off into the breeze effortlessly to gather more nesting material.


Osprey Prime Hook 4.9.2014_

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Osprey Landing

After a demanding day I detoured to the marsh on my way home from work today and was rewarded with an Osprey landing in a tree.  Ospreys are tending to nests now with eggs and young to come as spring marches forward.  I’ll be sure to stop here again.


Osprey Prime Hook 4.9.2014_5094

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Osprey Return

I saw my first Osprey of the year today along the canal in Lewes. This is a photograph of two young ones from a few years ago to celebrate the return, a true sign of spring here at the Delaware coast.

Osprey Nest 7-13-2008_071308_6410

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Fish Hawk

Osprey are also called fish hawks and sea hawks, and they are very successful fisherbirds. This one had a nice catch in a breakfast nook yesterday morning in Primehook National Wildlife refuge.

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It’s hard to believe but many nesting birds are at the point that the young are leaving their nests. Here is an Osprey on one of the last days nest-bound.

Osprey Nest 7-13-2008_071308_6132

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Osprey Return

Osprey have returned and the nesting season begins.  Everyday more signs of spring emerge.


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