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Snowy Owl Flight

Another shot from my visit with Snowy Owls at Cape Henlopen a couple of weeks ago. Might be a great opportunity tomorrow to find them in snowy dunes on the Delaware coast.

Snowy Owls 12.21.2013_3217

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Snowy Owl #2

Another shot of the Snowy Owl at Cape Henlopen from last week showing the beautiful wing pattern on these birds.

Snowy Owls 12.21.2013_3212

Also posted in Winter 2013-14

Snowy Solstice

On this winter solstice it is actually 70 degrees out here on the Delaware coast. But the Snowy Owls on the dunes of Cape Henlopen this morning provided the winter look needed to signal the first day of winter.

Snowy Owls 12.21.2013_3207

Snowy Owls 12.21.2013_3208

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Ow Owl

I found this injured Great Horned Owl this morning while on a run. It is now safely in a bird rehabitation facility, hopefully recovering from whatever ailed it.

Great Horned Owl 10.13.2013_1643

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Great Horned Owl

I have been hearing Great Horned Owls such as this one calling in the woods recently.  I seldom see them, and in case you don’t get a glimpse of them either, here is what they look like up close and personal.


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