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Dew Drop Sun Up

A foggy field was the spot to find dew drops gathered on thin stems as the sun burned through the fog shotly after it rose this morning.

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Seal Beach

Delaware’s beaches attract thousands of people each summer day, but when the weather turns cold the beaches are relativley deserted. This is good for winter visitors who want to rest, nap and reflect on life. This Harp Seal was doing just that, and didn’t seem to mind the sand. It even had a single fly buzzing about, just like the summer.

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Napping Harp Seal

This Harp Seal looks like it had a run in with the sandman, but it is just the trapping of napping on the beach without a towel to lie on.

Harp Seal Cape 2-3-2008_7652

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Nap Interrupted


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Harp Seal, February 3


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