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Egrets Etc. Prime Hook 8.4.2012_8814.1


Most people living in an area with a cold winter depend on spring to return and with it so many enjoyable things that spring and warm weather bring.  The return of multitudes of shore and wading birds that populate our shallow coastal areas is something I look forward to each year.  I love to watch them and photography gives me a little bit more of a push to get out in nature. It also teaches me patience in waiting for ‘good action’.  One could say I depend on this to make my life a little more complete.  The birds of course depend upon a healthy environment and a plentiful supply of food to make their summer nesting season successful.  So many dependencies and so many great things to photograph on the Delaware coast.

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Sunrise Stilt

This solitary Black-necked Stilt was an early bird hunting in the reflection of sunrise at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Stilt DoverGreen Bombay 4.16.2015_3301

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Sea Water Icicles

Icicles form under icy mushroom caps on pilings in Rehoboth yesterday.  This cold snap is providing many interesting photo ops of subjects we usually relate to hot summer fun at the coast.  I’m loving these ops, personally.  This little sanderling seemed oblivious to the cols and snow and just went about its daily beach foraging.

Snowy Reho 2.17.2015_0623

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Taking Flight

Shorebirds dodge splashing waves at Indian River Inlet.

Shorebirds IRInlet 1.31.2015_1360

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Jetty Hangin

Sanderlings and Purple sandpipers picked over the cold jetty rocks today at low tide at Indian River Inlet.  The occasional small splash from a wave caused wings to raise and small jumps to be made to avoid a cold drenching. Shorebirds IRInlet 1.31.2015_1402

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Semis On Eggs

Semipalmated Sandpipers enjoying, fresh green Horseshoe Crab eggs along the tide line in Delaware Bay.


Shorebirds Prine Hook Beach 5.25.2014_7968

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Wings In Waves

When one is only about 16 inches tall practically all waves seem big.  This breaking wave at Prime Hook Beach didn’t intimidate this Laughing Gull however, who stood tall against the surge.


Shorebirds Prine Hook Beach 5.25.2014_8275



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This Dunlin was sifting through the beach sand this morning with its bill in search of horseshoe crab eggs, a seemingly difficult task since the eggs are about the size of a sand grain.  But these birds are very good at their craft noted by the two eggs it holds in its bill with very little sand mixed in.  Could so easily have been green eggs and sand!


Shorebirds Prine Hook Beach 5.25

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Soar Birds

Shorebirds soar together at a sound or movement unheard or seen by me.  They do this quite often as the poke around in the gravelly sand in search of horseshoe crab eggs on Slaughter Beach.


H Crabs Shorebirds Slaughte B 5.20.2014_7242.1

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The lines and reflections of these three Black-necked Stilts just seemed to be right for black and white.

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