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Skimmer Launch

I found dozens of Black Skimmers roosting on a sand bar this morning, and waited long enough for them to take flight which they did in unison as a group.

Skimmers.GBH.Egrets 5.20.2015_3914

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Mirror Pond

Skimmers breaking the glassy finish of an early morning pond.

Skimmers. Egrets. 6.22

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Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers from this morning. It was calm, with a mirror finish on the water.

Skimmers. Egrets. 6.22

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Soaring and Skimming

Black Skimmers are a delight to watch as they work for food. They soar and skim the water’s surface with their mandible hoping a fish falls in. These two worked a local pond last night.


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Black Skimmer

Looking back at some photos I took last week I saw this skimmer and decided to add it to the collection.


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Reflection of Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers were all over a coastal pond tonight as the sun set.  With no wind blowing the water surface was like a mirror



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Skimmers at the Beach

I found the Black Skimmers again this morning, loafing on a sand bar.  It is rare to be able to get so close to them and I am happy to share some of the close pictures I have been able to get.  Here are two more. 



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Black Skimmers

I have never been so close to Black Skimmers as I ws this evening.  They have beautiful markings and a very distinctive call.  I took a lot of photos tonight and I may find better as I cull through all that I shot.  I wanted to put a few up tonight.  I will go back to this marsh at sunrise tomorrow to see what else may be there.




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