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Sniff Sniff!!

Snakes use their forked tongues as receptors to detect odors and other chemical particles. This black snake was sniffing me out, and the small fly on its snout was just along for the ride.

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No, this is not a ghost but it is the scariest thing I photographed this past year so I am using it for my Halloween post. My family sat down for a picnic on a rocky hilltop ridge in Connecticut. We saw this Northern Cottonhead resting about a foot away from us, so we quickly moved to a safer spot. I went back for a few photographs, of course.

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Southern Ringnecked Snake

I don’t think I have ever seen one of these before, but I found this guy today and it cooperated for a portrait session.

Ringneck Snake 5.29.2010_052910_1829

Ringneck Snake 5.29.2010_052910_1854

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Snake Skin Suit

A couple of nights ago I saw the shed outer skin of a Black Rat Snake. Today I found the guy who probably shed this skin, lounging in the woods in his new suit.



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Snake in the Grass

I encountered a real snake in the grass today, literally. This guy let me get right up into his face for a portrait. I tried to identify the species but was unable to find a close enough match in the book I have. Can anybody help me with an identification? Thanks.


Also posted in Spring 2009

Black Rat Snakes

I’ll bet that most people don’t know that the Black Rat Snake, common in Delaware, is very good tree climber.  It actually will nest in trees sometimes.  If you walk in the woods in Delaware look up for snakes.





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