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Winter Enters

Following yesterday’s 65 degree temperatures, snow blanketed coastal Delaware this morning. Fall in the Mid-Atlantic is full of variety, to say the least.

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Winter Beach


As a kid, not living near the coast, I wondered what the beach looked like in winter.  Did it get snow? Does the sand freeze? Does the ocean freeze?  The answer is yes to all three questions.  This year the beach has not experienced much of these conditions but last year was another story.  This photograph was taken at sunrise in February 2015 at Cape Henlopen State Park.  Perhaps we will see the beach covered with snow this year before spring arrives.

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Canal Shack

Snow started later than expected in Lewes today and it took a while to cover surfaces enough to create the kind of winter scene I hoped to photograph.  I drove around Lewes late afternoon and just couldn’t find a scene or subject that made me want to stop and set up my camera.  This shack on the bank of the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal in Lewes is always an interesting subject with the clever carpentry that gives the illusion of a deck and an open door on its flat front. Kevin Fleming and I shot this in a snow storm a couple of years ago so I returned to it today.  The drift at the bottom left of the shack adds to the 3 dimensional look of the illusion.

LewesCanalShack 3.5.2015_1756

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Old Look, DC

Washington DC is interesting in so many ways. One is the mix of old historic buildings in the middle of a very modern city as seen here in the block of Jackson Place adjacent to Lafayette Square.  It looked so much to be a return to a forgotten time in a recent snow storm.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1261

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Rows And Roads

The simple yet irresistible lines of corn stubble in a field leading into the lanes of a road, and in a snow storm, are part of the beauty found in rural Delaware if one gets off the beaten path and looks for it.  Beauty surrounds us, we just have to notice it.

Snow Kent Co. 1.21.2015_1202

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Snow, So No Show

Well our no-show snow disappointed many photographers here in Delaware.  I found this tree standing tall against the snow a week ago to represent winter weather on the day when we should have had a winter storm.

Snow Kent Co. 1.21.2015_1261

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More Snow Coming?

As I write this (Sunday morning) more snow is forecast to arrive in coastal Delaware from Monday into Tuesday.  I took this photograph last Wednesday of a farm along scenic Rte. 9 in Kent County.  To my photographer friends out there, go out and look for nice snow scenes in this upcoming storm.  Be safe, of course, but get the shot!

Snow Kent Co. 1.21.2015_1192

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Snowy Rte. 9

Even the shoulder of Rte. 9 in Kent County took on a fairy tale look yesterday in the snow.


Snow Kent Co. 1.22.2015_1233

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Kent County Clipped

Another Alberta Clipper sailed through Delaware today and a beautiful afternoon snow changed the landscape.  This farm in Kent County caught my eye.


Snow Kent Co. 1.21.2015_1213

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Olde Dover in the Snow

The Green in Dover in an Alberta Clipper presented in black and white with sepia tone.  I like the mood.


Snow Dover 1.6.2015_0370

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