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Pin Head

AKA Tufted Titmouse, a bird many know as a frequent visitor to feeders.

Also posted in Fall 2010

Skittish Chickadee

Carolina Chickadees are fast little birds. It is a challenge to catch their action as they flit about.

Also posted in Fall 2010

Carolina Chickadee

I watched this little chickadee as it fed this afternoon. Like most small birds it was frenetic in its movements as it flitted from branch to branch. I felt lucky to get a photograph as it undoubtedly reflected on where to speed off to next.

Chickadee 2.27.2010_022710_2607

Also posted in Winter 2010

Jay, Up Close

Thouoght I would take a closer look at the Blue Jay.

Jays and Finches 2.14.2010_021410_1501

Also posted in Winter 2010

House Finch

House Finches are native to the southwestern United States and Mexico. They have expanded welll beyond their original range, sometimes with a little help from people. The eastern population is a result of them being released from cages in New York. They are found in almost all human altered habitat.

Jays and Finches 2.14.2010_021410_1375.1

Also posted in Winter 2010

Blue Jay

This Blue Jay was taking advantage of a nice sunny day this afternoon to eat what it could find before the next bad weather.

Jays and Finches 2.14.2010_021410_1475

Also posted in Winter 2010

American Goldfinch

We think of American Goldfinches as those bright yellow birds we see at our feeders in the spring and summer. In the winter, and especially during a snowstorm, they are far more drab. Here is a male in nonbreeding (winter) plumage.

Goldfinches in the Snow 2.10.2010_021010_1210

Also posted in Winter 2010

Lucky Goldfinch

This lucky American Goldfinch shows off its big find to a friend who is still looking.

Goldfinches in the Snow 2.10.2010_021010_0964

Also posted in Winter 2010

There’s Gold in the Snow

I found some American Goldfinches feeding in the snowstorm this afternoon. They were all puffed up to keep the heat in under their feathers. It’s a tough day to find a meal here on the Delmarva peninsula if you are a bird because we are having a blizzard, the second in three days. This Goldfinch was getting through pretty well.

Goldfinches in the Snow 2.10.2010_021010_1286

Also posted in Winter 2010

Common Yellowthoat

I had a hard time figuring out what this bird is but, after consulting with a friend, it is determined to be a Common Yellowthroat.  Despite its name it is not very commonly seen.  According to The Sibley Guide to Birds it is a “ubiquitous, rather secretive denizon of marshy or brushy vegetation near water”.  It is related “to warblers but is smaller and stockier and usually lacks yellow on its belly.”  Now we know.   


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