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Skimmer B&W Form

There is a different beauty in a black and white photograph.  I like the action of skim boarding and the frozen wave in the starkness of a B&W image which brings out texture and form so much more.


LTown Dewet Skim 8.9.2014BW_5292

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Dewey Skimming

A weekend skim boarding contest in Dewey Beach made for great photography opportunities.


LTown Dewet Skim 8.9.2014_5290

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Last Wave, Last Light

Skimboarding on a summer day as the sun sets: summer perfection.

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Memorial Day Beginning and End

The sun rose over fishing boats this morning and set as skim boarders rode the last waves of the day. It was a perfect day to kick off the summer beach season at the Delaware Coast.

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Summer’s Coming

Looking forward to summer and fun like this at the beach.

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Look-Back X 2

I am looking forward to warm weather and summer. In looking forward I looked back in my files from last summer and found a photograph of a skimboarder seen from the oceanside looking back through a wave. It’s a double look-back.

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