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Serious Laughing

It was no laughing matter this morning as Laughing Gulls squared off over Horseshoe Crab eggs.

Gulls 6.20.2010_1615

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Not Catching Oysters

We named these birds Oyster Catchers, which is an interesting action to contemplate. Here is one decidedly not catching oysters.

Oyster Catchers. Skimmers. Gull Chick 6.19

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The Ant on Trumpet

No this is not a new musical prodigy. I went out looking for goldfinches tonight but the wind was too strong. Instead I met up with this ant as it strolled on a trumpet vine.

Trumpet Vine and Coreopsis 6.17

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Did you?

Spiders and Grasshoppers 9.5

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Spotlight on Egrets

I enjoyed a nice sunrise this morning with the egrets.

Egret Sunrise 6.12

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Clapper Rail Rooster Tail

Running so fast through the water it kicks up a trail.

Clapper Rails at Fowler Beach a.m. 5.26

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Paradise Found

Just another sunset in paradise.

sunrise and sunset 1-8-2008 Primehook refuge_5014

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Forster’s Tern

Terns are among my favorite shorebirds. This photograph is from an older file, but it reminds me that I need to go out looking for tern habitat.

Terns Egrets 10-2-2008_100208_9982

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Fresh Catch of the Day

I pulled this one out of the files. Snowy Egret with fresh catch of the day.

Egrets fishing2 6-1-2008_060108_2268

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Memorial Day Sunrise.1

Two more from the Memorial Day sunrise.

IR Inlet Sunrise. Bethany. Rugosa Rose 5.31.2010_053110_2314

IR Inlet Sunrise. Bethany. Rugosa Rose 5.31.2010_053110_2278

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