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My Last Sunset Photograph

Last sunset of spring 2011, that is. I found some happy kids on the edge of the bay tonight, wading in the sunset lit tide.

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Snowy in Black and White

The beauty of the form and shadows of this wading Snowy Egret were best shown in black and white, I think.

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Son + One

Our son and daughter-in-law had their first baby last week. Her small foot is covered with a kiss.

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Portrait Page

I posted a new set of photographs on my Portraits Page. They can be found here:
or you can open the page labeled “Cassandra and Taylor” in the column to the right.

Cow Vetch

Not a particularly pretty name for a beautiful wildflower. I found a small field of these last night.

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Migrating Shorebirds

Red Knots stop off in Delaware Bay to refuel on their migration from the southern end of South America to north of Hudson’s Bay. The peak of the migrating population was last week but there are still many feeding on horseshoe crab eggs.

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Memorial Day Beginning and End

The sun rose over fishing boats this morning and set as skim boarders rode the last waves of the day. It was a perfect day to kick off the summer beach season at the Delaware Coast.

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Gulls don’t really bathe this way, but this one kicked up a nice splash as it defended its space.

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Hover Master

Terns are natural born hoverers, holding themselves in mid air for long moments. Here a Forster’s Tern demonstrates that unique ability.

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Running Scared

Even in the calm shallows of the early morning marsh there are scary moments.