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Squall Over Fowler Beach

Showers moved down the Delaware Bay today and as I was driving home after work I saw the potential for an interesting photograph develop. A quick drive to the bay shore led me to a nice opportunity.

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Diamond Light

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Second Shift

When the sun retires for the day, the lighthouse shift begins. Here is the handoff last Friday evening.

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The Dunes

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American Avocets

These beautiful wading birds are seen pretty routinely in our marshes and coastal ponds.

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The symmetry, shape, lines and texture of the this lily caught my eye for a b&w photograph.

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Jumping Through The Hoop

Most of us feel like we do most days, but seldom is it really a life and death situation. For this poor minnow this was the last thing it saw before a swim down the Great Blue Heron’s throat.

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The spring invasion of horseshoe crabs on the Delaware Bay has begun. The migrating shorebirds that depend on the crabs eggs to reinforce them for the second leg of their migration north will arrive soon too. Stay tuned here for more on this in the days and weeks to come.

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Fishing, Thinking, Waiting

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The lines and reflections of these three Black-necked Stilts just seemed to be right for black and white.

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