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The Huddled Masses

While certainly not Liberty Island, this patch of reeds provided refuge and shelter yesterday in the snow for these fittingly named Snowy Egrets.  Huddled close together and using the reeds as a wind block, they waited out a cold blustery day in the marsh preening, undoubtedly dreaming of warm days fishing in these waters in the near future.

PrimehookBirdsTreesBarns 3.28.2015_2870

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Moon Shell And Whelk

A northern moon shell and a knobbed whelk came to rest in close proximity on a beach and I couldn’t help but photograph these two swirls of beauty.


Gulls.Wrackline Prime Hook 5.26.2014_8957

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Portrait Season

Beach portrait season is here and I photographed a family last night in Bethany Beach. Please contact me if you would like a portrait done or know someone else who would.  We had a lot of fun with this shoot last night.  Let’s pick one of your favorite places for the location.   Email me at



WaughFamily 6.11.2014_9252WaughFamily 6.11.@014_9445

WaughFamily 6.11.2014_9310

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Waiting To Go

Fishing is good right now in Delaware waters and boats are ready to get people to the catch.  A view of Lewes harbor at a recent sunset.



Lewes Intown Sunset 5.25.2014_8609

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Clouds To Wave

The sky patterns seemingly blend into the foam patterns of the surf in this wave photograph.



Waves C Patch

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The chaos of a wave breaking on the beach is frozen here in a photograph taken this afternoon in North Bethany, DE.  This shorebreak wave was only about two to three feet high but still exploded onto the sand with great force.  Sandy water flows back into the face of the breaking wave adding to the interesting patterns.



Shorebreak N. Beth. 6.7.2014_0011

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Under The Lip

It is a new experience for me to point a camera up at the lip of a breaking wave as it is about to crash onto me and take a photograph.  Without a camera it is one of my favorite places and moments to be in life.  I now have a waterproof camera and will be photographing waves this summer in a quest to get precise, beautiful moments of that perfect instant when the wave topples over creating fantastic shapes, patterns and sense of energy that so few people get to see up close.



Waves C Patch 5.26.2014_9092

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Semis On Eggs

Semipalmated Sandpipers enjoying, fresh green Horseshoe Crab eggs along the tide line in Delaware Bay.


Shorebirds Prine Hook Beach 5.25.2014_7968

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Wings In Waves

When one is only about 16 inches tall practically all waves seem big.  This breaking wave at Prime Hook Beach didn’t intimidate this Laughing Gull however, who stood tall against the surge.


Shorebirds Prine Hook Beach 5.25.2014_8275



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Knobbed Welk

Early morning Knobbed Welk at Prime Hook Beach.


Gulls.Wrackline Prime Hook 5.26.2014_8931.1

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