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Crunch Time

The split second before a wave collapses onto the shore and on top of me.


Waves C Patch 5.26.2014_9075

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Laughing Gulls were at the party Sunday morning working the tidal wrack line on the beach at dawn in search of newly washed up breakfast tid bits.  The pastoral scene was not, however, without some strife as demonstrated by this alpha laugher chest checking a colleague.  The recipient of the bellowing is slightly deafened but moved right on to the next course.


Gulls.Wrackline Prime Hook 5.26.2014_8856

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The Green Flash

I thought I would never see the green flash but a chance happening on Sunday morning changed that.  I went out to a Delaware bay beach before the sun rose to catch early light on shorebirds.  The beach was, however, relatively sparse in that department so I decided to watch the deep red orb rise up from the bay’s horizon through my 400mm camera lens.  I was idly watching and taking a few photographs when for a very brief fraction of a second a flare of bright green flashed right at the top of the sun.  I tripped the shutter immediately but I was only able to catch the last bit of green on either ends of the flare that had been solidly green an instant before.  Still, I’m quite happy to have at least some of the green flash recorded and am thrilled beyond words to have witnessed it.


Shorebirds Prine Hook Beach 5.27.2014_7632

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Memorial Day Surf

It was a spectacular Memorial Day weekend on the Delaware coast, clear blue sky, puffy white clouds, moderately sized waves, and clear green sea water that has warmed enough that people are swimming.  Here is a view from the surf north of Bethany Beach this afternoon.


Waves C Patch 5.26.2014_9074

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This Dunlin was sifting through the beach sand this morning with its bill in search of horseshoe crab eggs, a seemingly difficult task since the eggs are about the size of a sand grain.  But these birds are very good at their craft noted by the two eggs it holds in its bill with very little sand mixed in.  Could so easily have been green eggs and sand!


Shorebirds Prine Hook Beach 5.25

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Bay Storm

As the storm began to move away last night over Delaware Bay, clouds parted over the East End Light.


Cape Storm 5.22.2014_7443

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Cape Squall

Severe thunderstorms rolled  through Delaware this afternoon and I went out to Cape Henlopen to catch some bad weather over Delaware Bay.


Cape Storm 5.22.2014_7400

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Soar Birds

Shorebirds soar together at a sound or movement unheard or seen by me.  They do this quite often as the poke around in the gravelly sand in search of horseshoe crab eggs on Slaughter Beach.


H Crabs Shorebirds Slaughte B 5.20.2014_7242.1

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Slaughter Sunrise

Horseshoe crabs are on the shore of Delaware Bay now depositing their eggs along beaches.  These two late night cavorters were making their way back into the bay at sunrise this morning at Slaughter Beach.  Slipper shells are attached for the ride.


H Crabs Shorebirds Slaughte B 5.20

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Before The Storm

We had a very rainy day here on the Delaware coast and as the storm approached yesterday picturesque clouds formed over Delaware Bay near Lewes beach.


Lewes Dunes and Clouds 5.15.2014_7034

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