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Bayshore Still Life

I love beachcombing.  And I love photography.  Combining the two together is a natural pairing kinda like putting peanut butter and chocolate together.  This still life scene caught my eye not only because of the colors, textures, shapes and arrangement, but because it reveals much about the variety of life along the shore.  Different shells, a fin of a fish, seaweed, and the plentiful green horseshoe crab eggs show us what lives and thrives on our shore.

SunriseSlaughter.WracklineBigstone 5.30.2015_4710

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A May Day At The Beach

Beautiful May clouds and a clear, dark blue sky perfectly complement the beach for this landscape.

BeachClouds 5.31.2015_4846



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Sunrise, Slaughter Beach

The air was thick with humidity this morning along the Delaware Bay.  The sun poked through low hanging clouds at sunrise and framed the morning flight of gulls and shorebirds at Slaughter Beach.

SunriseSlaughter.WracklineBigstone 5.30.2015_4295

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Snowy Exit

This Snowy Egret takes flight recently at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Skimmers.GBH.Egrets 5.20.2015_3986

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Egret Two Step

These two Great Egrets are seemingly instep as they hunt for breakfast. The tide had dropped and the strong breeze had exposed a tidal flat, stranding minnows on the dry surface which made for easy shopping for the egrets.


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Skimmer Launch

I found dozens of Black Skimmers roosting on a sand bar this morning, and waited long enough for them to take flight which they did in unison as a group.

Skimmers.GBH.Egrets 5.20.2015_3914

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Summer Is Creeping Up

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  It being a nice warm evening I went out to the point at Cape Henlopen State Park hoping for a nice sunset.  However the sun went down with little drama in the western sky, but the side-lit clouds to the south over Lewes offered a better subject.  All in all it was quite pleasant being out on an early summerlike evening.

HarborofRefugeSunset 5.19.2015_3850

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Tidal Offering

Beachcombers know that each tide may bring in new prizes from the sea. This day an ice cream cone worm tube washed up  with sea weed which I found at last light of the day.

Wrack Line Cape 5.4.2014_6916

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Burton Pond

Sunrise at Burton Pond, 4/25/2015.

Wilm NC Trip 5.25.2015_3731

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A Spring Lane

A late afternoon view of Whitehall Neck Road In Kent County, Delaware.

Stilt DoverGreen Bombay 4.16.2015_3293.1



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