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Snake Skin Suit

A couple of nights ago I saw the shed outer skin of a Black Rat Snake. Today I found the guy who probably shed this skin, lounging in the woods in his new suit.



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Lucky Lapin

The rabbit population here is up this year, which usually means the fox, or other predators, population(s) are down. This lucky lapin was safely nibbling recently at sunset.


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Mispillion Sunset

The first fall-like air has spread into Delaware the over the last couple of days. With a north wind blowing birds were settled in a bit so I shot this sunset at the Mispillion Inlet.


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Green Heron

This juvenile Green Heron thought it would blend right into the marsh grass it was hiding in.


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Catching the Setting Sun

This fisherman was throwing a cast net tonight in hopes of coming up with some bait. He had no luck while I was there but he caught the setting sun very nicely for me.


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Island Deer

I was in Charleston, South Carolina the last few days. I visited friends who live on Wadmalaw Island, south of Charleston. We took a late afternoon boat ride out to the southern end of Seabrook Island near the mouth of Privateer Creek where we came upon this buck grazing on the dunes in the late afternoon sun. It was a perfect moment. Thanks Nicole and Tom for sharing paradise.



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I got some nice shots of friends and family kiteboarding, wakeboarding and surfing on the Outer Banks a couple of weeks ago. Here is Andy carving water on his kiteboard.


Last Call

At sunset tonight I came upon about 50 egrets busily fishing before dark. Too bad for the fish.


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Hanging Out at the Gazebo

The other day we had exceptionally calm conditons on the sound. These egrets passed the day hanging around a dock, hoping to see a snack swim by.


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Shell + Wave = Photo Op

On vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina even something as basic as waves washing over a broken scallop shell have an appeal. Somtimes it is just the simple things in life that deserve a closer look.


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