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Last Day of Summer

On this last day of summer a photograph of a perfect summer beach sunrise from late August.

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Out on a Limb

I found egrets relaxing in the early morning light today on the way to work.

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Autumn Colors

The delicate texture of this plant gone to seed in the late day light caught my attentinon recently.

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Igor Waves

Waves from Hurricane Igor broke on the Delaware shore today. While one surfer blasts through the lip of a wave, a younger one watches, perhaps with envy.

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Late Summer Evening

Summer is coming to a close soon, but people are still enjoying great weather at the Delaware coast. A fishing pier in Lewes was a popular spot tonight at sunset.

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These Pennsylvania Leather-wings were out enjoying sunset on Autumn Mistflowers the other night. I liked the color combination.

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Getting Ready for Spring

Many plants work all summer to produce seeds for the spring. Fall is the time when those seeds fall to the ground and wait for the warmth to return after the winter. An ant investigates the slow motion explosion and release of these seeds.

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Light and Waves

The last light of day plays out over ripples and waves under the Cape pier.

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Night Shift

People were heading out on the the Cape Henlopen pier tonight for a little night fishing as the sun set.

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Late Day Beach

A friend posed recently for a late day shoot at the beach.

friend 9.6

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