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Painted Lady

There were many Painted Lady butterflies feeding in our garden today. The pink flower base was too nice to resist taking a portrait of this one.

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Loafing Before The Hop

Early morning in the cool air is a time fo insects to wait for some sunshine and warmth to get the day going. Such was the case with this grasshopper a few mornings ago.

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Red-banded Hairstreak

This beautiful little butterfly, which is found from Long Island to the Florida Keys, was feeding in our garden this afternoon, for which I am very grateful.

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A Moth’s Breakfast

Moths were up at first light this morning feasting on Mountain Mint blossoms.

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Safe Harbor

Boats are in at the docks in Lewes, Delaware this evening as the sun sets after a very rainy day.

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Still Time For Summer Portraits

Now through October is a great time for those beach portraits you have been thinking about but just haven’t gotten around to getting done. Please contact me at

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Land’s End

Looking out into Delaware Bay and spectacular sunset storm clouds.

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Waiting Patiently

I actually drove away from the beach tonight before sunset, but hadn’t gotten far before the sun popped out beneath the clouds. I quickly turned around and was rewarded with a beautiful sky perfectly lit.

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Standing Room Only

A coastal pond was very full of egrets on Saturday.

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Uh Oh!!

A fish gets a brief view of life above the water just before its trip to an egret stomach.

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