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Last Night, Rehoboth Bay

I went out hoping for a nice sunset last night on Rehoboth Bay.  The colors didn’t materialize as I had hoped but it was a pleasant scene nonetheless.


BKil River.Reho Bay 9.2014_6498

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Milkweed Bugs

There is quite a massing of Large Milkweed Bugs on, appropriately enough, milkweed in my yard now.  Their bright orange and black coloring is quite eye catching.

Milkweed Bug2 9.21.2014_6608

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Canary Creek

The great thunderstorm I shot a few days ago had to be seen in black and white which is how I saw it when I photographed it.


T Storm Canary Cr 9.1.2014_6308

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Thunder Storm Over Canary Creek

Thunder storms popped up this afternoon north and south of Lewes.  I found this tall storm reflected in Canary Creek just before sunset.


T Storm Canary Cr 9.1.2014_6264

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Late Day, Lewes Beach

Late day fun on Lewes beach.  This photograph was taken just about a year ago under a compelling sky.


Waves . Kalmar Nyckel 8.25.2014

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Cape Light


Sometimes the light works well and hangs on long enough for several possible subjects to be photographed.  As Kevin and I teach in our seminars, its all about light and moment.  Without the right light a subject even as nice as the inner lighthouse at Cape Henlopen can be a dull subject but when light paints the scene…well that’s a different story.  Such was the case last Saturday evening.


Waves.Clouds.Sunset.Cape 8.23.2014_6243

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Cape Sea Scape



There was a persistent onshore wind over the weekend that kicked up the normally docile summer Atlantic into a fall-like condition.  Clouds and sunset light made the scene all the more picturesque.

Waves.Clouds.Sunset.Cape 8.23.2014_6049

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Skimmer B&W Form

There is a different beauty in a black and white photograph.  I like the action of skim boarding and the frozen wave in the starkness of a B&W image which brings out texture and form so much more.


LTown Dewet Skim 8.9.2014BW_5292

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Dewey Skimming

A weekend skim boarding contest in Dewey Beach made for great photography opportunities.


LTown Dewet Skim 8.9.2014_5290

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Rain Drops


The texture of these leaves with rain drops was what pulled me out into my garden yesterday morning in the rain.  I saw this as a black and white image and the photograph is as I imagined it to be.

Garden Flowers 8.2.2014_4545

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