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Pamlico Flight

This Great Egret was photographed last month in Pamlico Sound.  I was able to get just below it while it rested in an island tree top.  It watched me for a little while then, without much warning, it lifted off into the wind. 




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Roosting Egrets

A friend told me about a place where Great Egrets are now roosting for the night in a large flock.  Although the light was a little flat tonight I photographed the birds as they settled into bed.  There was quite a bit of muscling for the best branch as demonstrated by these two.






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Double-crested Cormorant

There was a nice lineup of Double -crested Cormorants sitting on pilings at sunset the other night.  All was well and good until one took it upon its self to try to start a game of musical pilings.  The one I was shooting held its ground despite the scary wing waving tactics of the intruder.



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Reflecting on Dinner

What a difference a day makes. Tropical Storm Hanna was finishing up on Delaware late in the day Saturday, and 24 hours later I am taking photographs on the marsh with a surface so stil it is a mirror.  The feeding egrets and gulls didn’t seem to notice their reflections but they certainly add to the beauty of the moment.





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Foggy Sunrise

Here in Delaware we are waiting, tonight, for the effects of Tropical Storm Hanna to develop.  This morning dawned hot , humid and still; tropical. Fog developed over land close to the coast.  These oak trees were wrapped in light fog that drifted in off the marsh as the sun began to warm the air.  Within the hour the fog was gone. 


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Buxton Sunset

One last sunset from Hatteras.


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Hunting Sanderlings

I know, I know, we see Sanderlings scurrying along the waterline at the beach all the time.  I took these photos in Hatteras a couple of weeks ago and froze these perpetual motion machines in action.  Take a close look at the bottom photo, is that a worm that the early bird has found?




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Labor Day Sunset

I photographed two areas in Cape Henlopen State tonight.  I caught the low light of sunset on the face of a wave that reached the Delaware coast having been generated by what is now Hurrican Hanna in the southern Atlantic.  Switching to the Delaware Bay side of the park I caught the sun setting past East End Light, bringing a nice end to the Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of summer at the beach.



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Wet Wetlands

I took these two tonight.  Knowing that several of the marsh ponds in the area have dried up due to the lack of rain, I went looking for birds in tidally flooded wetlands.  The group of egrets in the bottom photo were fishing a very small water hole with fish congregated in the middle where it was a little deeper.  Bad for the fish, lucky for the egrets. 



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Marshes are Drying Up

I shot these egrets two Saturdays ago.  Since that time the open water areas in the marshes in eastern Sussex County, DE have just about dried out.  Rain, the remnant of what was Hurrricane Fay, is approaching our area tonight but it is quickly loosing steam.  The dry holes that the egrets and herons were in are now barren.  I’ll have to find new locations and subjects.  




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