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Storms On The Beach




Enjoyable morning on the beach at Fenwick Island State Park, until the storms threatened from the west.  (taken with my new GoPro camera)

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Beach Season is Coming

WavesFenwickSP 8.4.2016_0005-

This is a photograph from last summer on a very active surf day on the Delaware coast.  I’m looking forward to getting back into the water to shoot waves and coastal scenes.  The ocean is till too cold for me right now but soon…

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WavesFenwick 8.14.2016_0564

Small incoming waves that encounter backwash waves heading out to sea from the beach results in an explosion of water as the two meet.  A morning visit to the beach today, before scorching heat and biting flies forced me to leave early, offered an opportunity to shoot a nice back-lit exploding wave.

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Scary Wave

WavesFenwick 8.5.2016_0075.2

This wave is scary to me, but not due to its size.  It was actually only about 2-3 feet in height but it was one of the first waves I shot with new underwater housing that protects my expensive DSLR camera and lens.  First day with a new toy, and trusting it to work as expected, can be a bit nerve racking when the environment is salt water waves.  But my Aqua Tech housing worked like a champ and my love of photography has gotten a terrific boost up.  In this photograph I am looking straight up the face of the wave as it just begins to break.  The perfect sky was a bonus.  I am very much looking forward to more photography in the water and further exploration of coastal Delmarva.  Thanks Aqua Tech for opening up a whole new world for me to explore with my camera.

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Down The Line

Looking down the line of a breaking wave from last summer.  How many days until beach weather returns?

WavesFenwick 7.3.2015_5780

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Summer Storm Waves

A small storm passed off shore a couple of weeks ago which kicked up the waves.  I love the patterns and form in this wave, which I think is best seen in black and white.

GreatWavesFenwick 7.22.2015_6942BW

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The form water waves take upon breaking is as varied as snowflake crystals, and, at least to me, just as beautiful.

Fenwick Wave 7.22.2015

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The Lip Of The Wave

A nice wave at the moment of breaking, Fenwick Island State Park.

FenwickSurf 7.31.2015_7623

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Off Shore Winds

A small swell that encounters a light offshore breeze as it beaks on a spectacularly clear summer day at the beach is pretty nearly a perfect beach day.

GreatWavesFenwick 7.22.2015_6836

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Under The Lip

Sometimes, to photograph the precise thing one wants to isolates, it takes a little extra effort and even exposure to discomfort.  I shot the lip of a wave today as it curled over me and I got the precise moment of break.  No damage done to me or waterproof camera.  I love the splash and the beautiful color of this morning, backlit wave.

WavesBeachFenwick 7.12.2015_5817

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