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Star Of The Day

To be precise it’s the star of 395 days ago but who’s counting. These sea stars, anemones and friends were photographed in Ecola State Park in Oregon last July 4.

Summer Rainbow

A late day shower brought a rainbow to the marsh east of Lewes tonight.

Summer Threat

Storm clouds gather west of Lewes this afternoon.

Picturesque Waves

I finally got into the ocean yesterday with my waterproof housing to photograph some waves. It has been two summers since I last photographed waves from a spot right under them. That occurred to me while I was shooting. Last summer my right knee was in enough distress that I didn’t have confidence standing in the surf zone, but total knee replacement surgery in January has brought back strength and stability. It was really great being back in the waves with my camera.

Good Morning DE Coast

For many the 4th of July weekend is already getting going. The sun lit up the Delaware coast this morning at sunrise and it looked pretty good from Indian River Inlet.

Lewes Harbor

Drone view of the south side of Lewes harbor.

Lewes Fleet

Sunrise over part of the Lewes fishing fleet this morning.


An assassin bug lies in wait in the depths of a lily. Orange on orange.

Back to the Beach

It was a welcome relief enjoying a picnic dinner on Rehoboth Bay last evening. The laughing gulls were happy to have some company it seemed.

Fall At Trap Pond

Trap Pond

Fall has fallen at Trap Pond where Bald Cypress trees rule the canopy. It was a beautiful morning there today with clear skies, air temperature below freezing, mist on the water and trees in beautiful autumn foliage. A perfect morning.