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DC Lines

DC 2.26.2016_2240

Some business travel has kept me busy for a few weeks and so I have not posted for a while.  I was in DC recently and found this interesting perspective of the Washington Monument and the Capitol. Washington is so full of interesting architecture that creates fantastic lines and shadows.

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H and Connecticut, DC

Beautiful cityscape found in DC recently.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1529

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Old Look, DC

Washington DC is interesting in so many ways. One is the mix of old historic buildings in the middle of a very modern city as seen here in the block of Jackson Place adjacent to Lafayette Square.  It looked so much to be a return to a forgotten time in a recent snow storm.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1261

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Treasury Building

The statue of Albert Gallatin, the longest serving U.S. Secretary of Treasury, stands vigilant in the snow last week in front of The Treasury Department building in D.C.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1330

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H Street Canyon

Late afternoon sun lights up one wall of the urban canyon at H and 17th in Washington, a timeless image in my mind.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1416

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Capital Snow

I was in Washington, DC all week at the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association annual Summit.  The city woke to a light snowfall this morning and I took a stroll around the White House and Mall to get a few shots of DC dressed up in snow.  I like the Washington Monument framed by a tree on the edge of the Mall.

DC Trip Feb.2015_1344

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Olde Dover in the Snow

The Green in Dover in an Alberta Clipper presented in black and white with sepia tone.  I like the mood.


Snow Dover 1.6.2015_0370

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The Green Is White

The Green, in Dover DE. turned white in the snow yesterday.  I loved the timeless look of the historic buildings in the snow storm.  It could have been a photo of a scene from a hundred years ago.


Snow Dover 1.6.2015_0375

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Christmas In Lewes

Less than a week until Christmas and Lewes is well lit for the holidays. The trees in 1812 Memorial Park are wrapped in lights inviting a walk along the canal.


Christmas Lights Lewes 12.20.2014_9735

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First Snow

First snow of the year was seen in Dover this afternoon as a precipitation band from the big storm centered over New England made its way into Kent County.  Legislative Hall is filtered by the snow behind the bell on the green.


Snow Dover 12.11.2014_9661

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