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Strawberry Bush

I have seen these bright red seed pods in the woods this fall and have found out it is a native eastern woodland plant called strawberry bush.  It is apparent how it got its name.  Apparently deer love it and it is hard to find where there are a lot of hungry deer roaming the woods.  It caught my eye and so I knew to take a macro lens with me in the woods.

CambridgeMD.KillensPond 10.25.2015_0651

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Foggy Fall Foxtails

Thick fog on the way to work this morning led me to woods and fields looking for photographic opportunities.  I had a location in mind but wasn’t sure what subjects I would find.  I photographed a wooded lane and was headed out of the woods when I came upon a field full of foxtails that had been covered with dew drops in the fog.  Sun began to burn through as I shot the foxtails, adding nice light to the scene and highlighting the dew drops.


Fog Woods Foxtail 10.30.2014_8571

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Cow Vetch

Not a particularly pretty name for a beautiful wildflower. I found a small field of these last night.

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Gone To Seed

The thistles I photographed last week are exploding in seed today.

Towers Sunrise. Goldenrod. Thistle. 8.27

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Seaside Goldenrod

In additon to the quickly shortening daylight hours, many signs are indicating the shut down of summer and the approach of fall. Seaside Goldenrod is starting to bloom in the dunes here in Delaware. This one was found waving in a gentle breeze tonight in Cape Henlopen State Park.

Seasise Goldenrod 8.26

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August Bloom

I photographed this flower Saturday morning. At first I thought it might be in the thistle family, but now I don’t think so. Anyway, it caught my eye in the dewy sunrise.

Thistle 8.21

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Spring Dreaming

It is another gray winter day here in Delaware today. I was thinking of spring, so I dug out a photograph of some May coreopsis. As brown as the vegetation is this time of year, I thought it might be nice for those of us who enjoy more vibrant colors to be reminded of what will be soon.

Coreopsis 5-27-2009_052709_0633

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Beauty on the Edge of the Marsh

I detoured to a Delaware Bay marsh on the way to work this morning. It was a nice sunrise, 48 degrees out but with the bright clear sky it would warm to about 70. I scouted for birds in the marsh, and finding none I looked a little closer at what was around me. Refocusing allowed me to find these beautiful fall blooming wildflowers growing along the marsh’s edge.

Wildflowers 10.6.2009_100609_7148

Wildflowers 10.6.2009_100609_7168

Wildflowers 10.6.2009_100609_7182

Wildflowers 10.6.2009_100609_7200

Wildflowers 10.6.2009_100609_7211

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Stacked Up Over Buttonbush

This Buttonbush blossom is very attractive to honey bees. One works the flower while the other hovers, waiting to land.


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Last One Standing

A lonely Coreopsis is one of the last standing in what was a sea of yellow two weeks ago.


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